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What Are The Differences Between A Vespa Primavera and Sprint?

At first appearance, the biggest difference between a modern Vespa Sprint and a Primavera is the headlight. Until today, this main difference has been the same ever since Piaggio launched the first classic Primavera and classic Sprint in the 1960s.

But besides the obvious differences, are there any others? The Vespa Primavera and the Vespa Sprint are identical scooters regarding technical specifications. The main differences lie in their looks such as the headlights, wheel rims, mirrors, horn covers, and color options. 

I prefer Vespas with a round headlight, such as the new Vespa Primavera. For me, it gives the scooter a more classic look. The Sprint has a rectangular headlight, as its name suggests, giving it a sportier look.

So let’s dive deeper into the differences and similarities of these popular Vespas to see how Piaggio has been incredibly smart to create somewhat similar Vespa models yet target a different audience. 

Technical differences between the Vespa Primavera and Sprint

row of vespas parked next to each other
Three Primaveras and one Sprint

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to technical specifications the Vespa Primavera and Sprint are identical. To get an idea of what these specifications are we have listed the similarities below:


Engine type: single-cylinder four-stroke engine.  Models after 2017 are equipped with the new i-get powerplants.

The I-get Euro 4 powerplant enables all components to work together as efficiently as possible while guaranteeing the best performance, and minimal fuel consumption, significant reduction of emissions and acoustic pollution.  

Engine sizes and top speed: 50-cc can reach 30mph/45kmph, 125cc can reach 59mph/95kmph, and 150-cc engine which can reach 68mph/110kmph

Engine Cooling system: air-cooled engine. While liquid-cooled engines can endure more heat, the air-cooled system is easier to maintain.

white vespa sprint
White Vespa Sprint

Fuel system: electronic injection system. This system is ideal as this ensures minimal fuel consumption and a decrease in the emission of polluting particles.

Fuel type: premium gas octane 91

Fuel tank capacity: 8 liters/2.1 USgal

Electronic ignition and starting. This means that an electronic circuit provides voltage to the spark plug, igniting the fuel-air mixture in the engine’s combustion chamber.

Clutch type: Automatic. This makes driving a breeze. No worries about changing gear.

Transmission type: twist and go. To accelerate all you need to do is turn the right handlebar of the Vespa

white primavera parked next to a PX
A Vespa Primavera with some ‘history’ 😉

Wheels and suspension

Front suspension: single arm with coil spring, dual mono shock absorber. A dual shock absorber allows equal pressure and is both attached to the frame. While the mono shock absorber ensures better damping which creates better handling and stability.

Rear suspension: hydraulic mono shock. Hydraulic systems have oil making them more responsive than other systems. This makes driving more comfortable.

Brakes: hydraulic operation disc front brakes and mechanically operated rear drum brakes. When riding a Vespa the front is the primary brake and the most is important. A disc brake has more stopping power and provides a consistent performance despite the heat.

brakes and suspension of a vespa
The red suspension and front wheel disc brake

This is different with a rear drum brake where heat reduces the ability to brake. However, these types of brakes last longer. That is probably the reason why Piaggio uses them for the rear brakes.

All Vespa Primavera and Sprint with a 125cc or 150cc engine come with an ABS braking system. This system stabilizes the Vespa when braking too hard and prevents the front wheel from locking. With the ABS braking system, the chances of sliding and overturning are minimized.

Rear and front wheel size: From the very beginning the modern Vespa Sprint had 12-inch wheels, while the Primavera had 11-inch. However, the new versions of Primavera that have been released after 2019 have like the Sprint, 12-inch wheels. So their wheel size is now the same too.


Type of Vespa: a small body vespa, also known as a small-frame model

Weight: 117kg/258lbs

Height: Just like the wheel size, the Primavera and Sprint models after 2019 have the same height which is 790mm/31.1 inch.

The 2014-2019 Primavera models are slightly lower than today’s models: height 780mm/30.7 in

Dashboard: all Vespa Primavera and Sprint models have the same standard analog dashboard as other new Vespa models. Except for the Vespa Primavera Sport and Sprint Sport.

The sports models have a digital full-color TFT display. The great thing about this innovative display panel is that you can pair it with your mobile and headset.

Sale prices: After checking the vespa.com website we can conclude that the Primavera and the Sprint not only have similar technical specifications, but they are also sold for the exact same price.

Of course, we can imagine that price differences can occur per region. The popularity of models in a certain country might increase the price.

Feature differences between the Vespa Primavera and the Sprint

The different features set the Vespa Primavera and the Sprint apart. The Vespa Primavera has maintained the classic look which is similar to the first Vespas from 1946.

From what I have seen so far here in the Netherlands, the Primavera mostly attracts young female drivers and older drivers who are 30 plus or so old.

Which is in contrast to the Vespa Sprint. Here in the Netherlands Sprint attracts young male drivers only. It might be different in other countries, but I have hardly seen a girl or woman drive a modern Vespa Sprint before.

The Sprint is ‘youthful’ and Primavera is ‘lively’


It is pretty fascinating how Piaggio has been able to provide a Vespa for any type of group. But I guess that is what has made Vespa a success after so many years.

So besides the target group or clientele of these two Vespa models, what other different features do they have?

➡️ Headlights

The Primavera has the classic round headlight while the Sprint has the rectangular-shaped headlight.

➡️ Wheelrims

When you compare the wheel rims you will see that the Vespa Primavera has a five-spoke design. The Vespa Sprint on the other hand has a lot more spokes, in my opinion, giving it a more rough look.

While I think the Sprint has nicer wheel rims, on the practical side I found it easier to lock the Vespa Primavera with a heavy chain lock as the spokes are wide apart.

red and white vespa primavera 2014
These 2014 Primavera are lower than the newest Primavera and Sprint

As mentioned earlier all modern Vespa Primavera models before 2019 come with an 11-inch rim. All later models have the new 12-inch rims.

One inch in height can make a real difference. So if you are not that tall and feel more comfortable riding a lower Vespa Primavera then you should consider pre-owned models made before 2019.

➡️ Mirrors

the vespa sprint mirror
The Sprint has another shaped mirror than the Primavera

Like most classic Vespa models, the modern Primavera has round mirrors. The Sprint on the other hand has somewhat tear-drop shape mirrors.

➡️ Horn cover

Generally speaking the color horn cover of the Vespa Primavera and Sprint are different. In most cases, the Sprint cover has touches of red, while this is absent on the Primavera.

➡️ Color

bright colors for the newest vespa primavera model
Primavera (with a sprint mirror) in one of the newest colors

When you check the official Vespa Shop you will soon notice that the new versions of Vespa Primavera come in a wide range of gorgeous color options. Besides the usual colors such as Blu (dark blue) Bianco (white), Grigio (grey), Rosso (red), and Nero (black) you also have Arancio Impulsivo (dark orange) and Verde Amabile (light green).

And how about the new Sprint? Surprisingly this model only comes in Rosso (red), Nero (black), and Grigio (grey). There is the special Justin Bieber special edition that comes in white. But that seems to be an exception.

primavera vs sprint colours and minor features
The 2014 colors

Of course, the colors depend on the model year. When we bought our Vespas for our rental company, the Sprint came in black, a metallic blue color, and yellow. Both these colors were popular among the people who came to rent our Vespas.

Not sure why Vespa decided to keep the colors of the Sprint to a minimum. But that said, I do see custom colors everywhere. Especially on the Vespa Sprint. Somehow the owners of the Vespa Sprint want to stand out by choosing the most exceptional colours.

➡️ Series

Vespa models come in various series. Besides the limited and anniversary editions, you have series such as the Primavera Touring, Primavera Color Vibe, and Primavera Pic Nic. Basically, it is the standard Primavera that comes with added parts such as a front and/or rear chrome luggage rack, different colored seats, or different color combinations.

Differences between Vespa Primavera Sports vs Sprint Sports

circles added to the differences between a vespa primavera and a vespa sprint
The Vespa Sprint S has slight differences from the Primavera S

Currently, the Sprint comes in just two series, the Justin Bieber and the Sprint S. The ‘S’ stands for sport. Surprisingly there is a Vespa Primavera S as well, however, I haven’t seen it on the road yet. The main differences are again the headlight, the amount of chrome (more on Sprint), the saddle, and the wheelrims.

However, when you look closer, the Vespa Sprint S has more decals or decorations. There is a very evident red line along the Vespa logo and just under the footrest. There is a bright red S along the wheel rims, plus the front suspension is colored red as well. The Primavera on the other hand remains ‘sober’ without any colors but it does have the vendor crest, which is a very traditional feature for Vespa.


me going for a ride on a white primavera
My favorite: White Primavera with a red seat

One fascinating aspect of Vespa is how they keep reinventing themselves year after year, introducing new models in various series. From sleek chrome finishes that catch the eye to the new scooter technology, Vespa consistently evolves while staying true to its heritage.

The great thing about checking out the features of both the Vespa Primavera and Sprint is that you realize that the slight differences are important. You will initially think that both models might look similar at first glance but they are actually not.

The magic of Vespa lies in more than just their innovative engineering. It’s about the character and image they project, and how well they fit with your personal taste. The Vespa Primavera and Sprint offer unique vibes and aesthetics, allowing you to choose the one that attracts you most.

If you are uncertain about which Vespa to choose, the decision often comes down to aesthetics.

Whether you’re captivated by the new Vespa Sprint, with its fast and sporty look, or you’re drawn to the classic charm of the Vespa Primavera both are known for their brilliant performance. Whichever model, your first Vespa experience is going to be unforgettable.

dark green sprint
Both models come in different colors

Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to your personal style. Both models share similar technical specifications, making them equally adept at navigating the bustling city traffic and streets.

However, if you’re eyeing those longer journeys where comfort is more important, it might be a better idea to go for a model with a larger engine.

Yes, they both come in a 150 cc motor. But often these engine sizes do not offer a comfortable ride on a freeway. A Vespa GTS is in this case a better choice.

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